WOW! What a great experience I had at Beach Therapy at their new location in Howard beach! I recently had painful rotator cuff surgery. I researched a few physical therapy locations in Howard beach where I live.

The corona virus had just begun and I was concerned about crowded locations. Some of the locations which I inspected had rude receptionists and crowded conditions. Usually your first impression tells you a lot about the business.

I knew that beach physical therapy was for me immediately when I spoke to the receptionist. The same day I walked in they had me on my way back to recovery! The therapist was caring and understanding. I actually looked forward to going to therapy because the staff was so bubbly and cheerful! They actually cared for their job and patients!

During the time of the corona 19 outbreak they diligently came to work every day! They are very brave! I had to leave the area due to the virus. Unfortunately I knew that I was losing the best therapy that I could get.

The day I told my therapist was a sad one for me and the therapist, as she told me that she was sad that I was leaving. Even though, she gave me a report to give my new therapist in upstate New York. She even supplied me with a website with instructions for home therapy as the corona virus was spreading rapidly.

I cannot recommend a better therapist than Beach Physical Therapy!!

The care I received at Beach NY Physical Therapy was excellent! I am so grateful for Katie and the rest of the Beach NY team! 

I started physical therapy in August 2016 one week after giving birth to my beautiful son. I suffered severe nerve damage and muscle atrophy in both of my legs from a difficult labor and delivery. I was scared of the unknown- would I ever walk again? All of those nervous, anxious feelings were put at ease once I met Katie at my first session of physical therapy. Katie is a knowledgeable, kind, caring professional who worked with me at every single session over the course of eight months. She was patient with me and was fully aware of the types of various exercises I needed to preform in order to regain the strength in both of my legs and ultimately walk again. She also gave me the confidence to continue the exercises at home on the days I did not have physical therapy.

Thanks to Katie and her team, I have regained all of my strength and feel like my old self again! I highly recommend Beach NY to anyone who needs physical therapy!!!

Unfortunately!! Fortunately!  my both children and I  were in a car accident this past Thanksgiving weekend  2020.   So we had to start physically therapy 3 times a week!  So glad we picked RBNY!  The whole staff, doctors and office are amazing.   All the updated equipment available and physical therapy session are on point.  You can have your treatments in a group atmosphere or private setting  whichever is comfortable and convenient for you.   The music is pretty cool also.  Keep this place in mind if ever in need of any physical therapy after or before surgery.   You won't be disappointed!  Tell them Cami sent you!   Speedy recovery.

After my daughter used me as a jungle gym my, back was in incredible pain for days and I couldn't even get a good night's rest. I mentioned this to a friend who referred me to Katelyn Cusmiani who accepted my insurance and offered to see me remotely. I am not sure how she did it but after a couple of questions she diagnosed the muscle group and the problem. I received a home exercise program which provided almost immediate relief. I am going to keep RBNY Physical Therapy on speed dial and the daddy jungle gym is back open for business.

Awesome going for total knee replacement surgery rehab and will be back after other knee replacement in three months.

Clean friendly place. All of the therapists explain all of the exercises and intended results.

Is fun relaxing environment good stuff.

RBNY is pretty much the best physical therapy facility I have been to-unfortunately I've been to quite a few. All of the employees, including the receptionists are professional, friendly and quite competent. If you need PT go to RBNY.

Wow, what a great place. Clean, new office with a friendly and attentive staff. Highly recommended!

Was a patient at this facility and found the aides really helpful and attentive and the therapist amazing. Would and have recommended it to all my friends and rockaway rugby club.