Megan D'Onofrio, Belle Harbor

Megan D'Onofrio

The care I received at Beach NY Physical Therapy was excellent! I am so grateful for Katie and the rest of the Beach NY team! 

I started physical therapy in August 2016 one week after giving birth to my beautiful son. I suffered severe nerve damage and muscle atrophy in both of my legs from a difficult labor and delivery. I was scared of the unknown- would I ever walk again? All of those nervous, anxious feelings were put at ease once I met Katie at my first session of physical therapy. Katie is a knowledgeable, kind, caring professional who worked with me at every single session over the course of eight months. She was patient with me and was fully aware of the types of various exercises I needed to preform in order to regain the strength in both of my legs and ultimately walk again. She also gave me the confidence to continue the exercises at home on the days I did not have physical therapy.

Thanks to Katie and her team, I have regained all of my strength and feel like my old self again! I highly recommend Beach NY to anyone who needs physical therapy!!!