Debbie McCabe, Rockaway

After 16 years of avoiding neck surgery for injuries sustained from an auto accident, I have taken alternative routes to lessen my neck and back pain. I have been in physical therapy too many times over the years and no other practice compares to the knowledgeable, compassionate, and supportive care I receive at Beach NY Physical Therapy. Upon arrival I am always greeted with warmth and a smile! The quality of care and cleanliness of the office are superb, with state of the art equipment. I spent about three months at Beach NY Physical Therapy last year (approximately 3 days a week) with great results, and feeling the best I have in the past 16 years. Unfortunately, U had a flare up recently due to the stress of life - so i am back for more therapy. I look forward to the personal attention and level of comfort given at every session by Katie and her wonderful staff!!!